Does Your Kitchen Island Have To Match Cabinets

Does Your Kitchen Island Have To Match Cabinets. The hard finishes in your kitchen and dining room should match. Granite is a great option as it resists bacteria, heat, water and stains.

Should Kitchen Island Be A Different Color? (Solved)
Should Kitchen Island Be A Different Color? (Solved) from

In a larger kitchen it is nice to have some contrast. Should your kitchen island match your cabinets? Although matching your kitchen island to surrounding cabinets and countertops creates symmetry within a kitchen, using different cabinet colors or different countertops can turn an island into a beautiful focal point that complements the rest of your kitchen.

You Can Also Add Dimension To The Look Of Your Kitchen By Using Accent Pieces.

We then added interest and warmed the gray with brass hardware and a contrasting range hood in. Make your kitchen island stand out by choosing a wood tone that contrasts with that of your cabinetry. For example, if the cabinets along the perimeter of your kitchen are in glossy white laminate finish, you can either use stainless steel for your kitchen island.

Kitchen Cabinets Don't Always Have To Match.

Now, contrasting kitchen island can make your kitchen more exquisite. Even slight variations will be noticeable. Here are things to consider when mixing and matching kitchen island and cabinet countertops.

Tie The Room Together By Outfitting The Range Hood In The Same Wood.

They work best either in one consistent width or sized to match each cabinet. However, short finger pulls can be useful when mixed in for semihidden cabinets such as ones on the back of the island, where protruding hardware would be in the way of knees and elbows. So not going to happen.

But Times Have Changed, My Friend, And.

The old standard in kitchen countertops was all the surfaces in your kitchen needed to match — your perimeter counters, island and everything in between. Aveituna kitchen / autumn grace photography. It's a bold move and most people are not quite ready to make that jump.

Your Kitchen Island Does Not Have To Match.

Granite is a great option as it resists bacteria, heat, water and stains. If the style you like doesn’t have coordinating hardware or you don’t like the matching options, the next best thing is to match the finish. When selecting countertops, you’d want to go for a countertop material that offers excellent resistance to spills, stains and moisture in these areas.

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